if interested in visiting please contact us through Facebook messenger or e-mail, we will there hand out the contact of our manager.

If interested in volunteering please have a look at the information below and contact us on our e-mailadres shadechildrenfoundation@hotmail.com


We're looking for volunteers for Shade Children Foundation in Thika, Kenya.

If you checked out our website and Facebook and looked at some blogs of previous volunteers and you'd like to volunteer at Shade House and the other projects than you are welcome to apply to volunteer at Shade Children Foundation. Below we will tell what qualifications are needed and what the expected costst are.

In our volunteers we look for certain points of qualification   

-Minimum age of 18 years old
-Enthusiastic and serious interest
-Flexible attitude towards the African Culture
-Being able to work in a team
-Able to speak and understand English at a reasonable level

Shade Children Foundation is not only looking for professionals who are used and qualified to work with children, but also for people who have a heart for children and have something to offer to the children and other people involved in our projects.

When you want to volunteer in Shade House we ask you to pay a fee. The fee might seem a lot for such a low-budget accomodation but is mostly used to cover costs we make for the children. So even by just staying at Shade House you contribute to making it possible to offer the children a safe place to stay. Our monthly budget is financed by partly sponsoring, partly volunteering fees & partly donations.

The fee for staying in Shade House is 400 euros for the first month. If you decide to stay for a second or third month the fee is 250 euros a month. You will need to pay 50 euros out of the total amount when you register, the remaining fees you will need to pay before your arrival. When you would like to stay for a few weeks, we will charge you for that relatively. When you stay in Shade House you will be provided a room (shared with other volunteers if present) and a meal three times a day (you will eat with the children). There is a (very basic) separate bathroom with toilet and shower, just for the use of volunteers. The maximum stay in our house is three months.

Flight tickets, airport transfers ( 4000 KSH one way) and a tourist visa that you will have to apply for online in advance ($50 dollar) are also costs that you need to take into account. There also might be some places you'd like to visit while you are in the area. Our volunteer-coordinator can tell you all about the possibilities and estimated cotst of activities. Please feel free to contact us when you have any questions about staying in Shade House.

We also like to inform you that you will probably need vaccinations and that it is highly recommended to use malaria pills.


Shade house needs to run smoothly also when no volunteers are around. Therefore, in the first place, the children of Shade house are taken care of by housemothers. There are always one or more housemothers during the day and one during the night to take care of the children, to cook and keep the house clean. As an organisation we would like to keep it this way because it is better for the children to have a permanent caretaker. However, we really appreciate to have volunteers around, because as a volunteer, you are the pair of extra hands and you can give them the attention they also need so much!

We expect our volunteers to teach the children something. In Kenya, due to former Britisch colonisation, one of the official languages is English. The Kenyans learn this language at school. It helps the children to practice this at home, by talking with our volunteers. We also like our volunteers to organize (educational) entertainment like sports, arts & crafts or simply read them a book . Helping with their homework when neccessary or playing a game is also what is expected of a volunteer. Besides that you can help preparing the meals and the housemother can teach you how they cook in Kenya. Help is also appreciated with the weekly market visits were fruits and vegetables are bought for 24 children to eat all week.

When the children are in school, this is propably not enough to fill your days. That is why we advise you to volunteer at one of the projects we cooperate with or another project of your choice. Of course we will guide you in this and introduce you at the projects. Our volunteer-coordinator can tell you all about these projects. Please feel free to contact us when you have any questions about volunteering in Shade House. One of the projects we currently are working together with is : Life Skills Oasis Group, a project in the slums. If you'd like to visit their facebook page. you can click, right here.

If you are still very enthusiastic about becoming a volunteer, we have some things you need to know:

Working as a volunteer for Shade Children Foundation is completely at your own risk. Shade Children Foundation can never be held responsible for any psychical /mental hurt or damage and loss or theft of posessions. We recomend you to get a travel and injury insurance.


  • Smoking inside the house and in view of the children is prohibited.
  • Using any kind of drugs is prohibited
  • Alcoholic drinks are not allowed in Shade House.

Some of the children living in Shade House have a background where caretakers abused alcohol & drugs. Violation will not be tolerated.

If you would like to combine your voluntary work with travelling around and/or a safari, it is recommend to let us know what your plans are. We are also able to assist in booking a safari. Kenya is a beautiful country and we think you should see some of its beauty while staying here

Are you interested in volunteering in Shade house and/or do you want more information? Send an e-mail at Shadechildrenfoundation@hotmail.com
You can also download a PDF file with some extra information we put together by clicking on the link below

Links from previous volunteers.

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