SCF Kenya

The board of the Kenyan NGO Shade Children Foundation

SCF Kenya was founded in april 2010 and officially registered as an NGO at September 30, 2010.
Below we'll introduce the board members. 

Mr Naftali W. Kaguongo – Chairman   
My names are Naftali Wagura Kaguongo. I am married and have three children. I am an educationist by profession with twenty one years experience in the field of Automotive Engineering. I have served the community in social work on the less fortunate children for many years. Working for the less fortunate children and giving them hope in life make me happy.

Mrs. Teresa Muchiri – Treasurer

My names are Teresa Muchiri. I am married and have also three grown up children. I am a nurse by profession and I have been helping as a volunteer nurse
and health advisor to many Charitable Institutions for many years. Helping the less fortunate children is my passion.

Mrs. Dina van Doesburg-van't Hoog – Member 

I'm Dina van Doesburg, married with Bas and we have two grown up children. The last years I've been working as a Manager and as a Human Resource Advisor at Rabobank in the Netherlands. In June 2012 I graduated and got the bachelor degree in Applied Psychology. I was a volunteer in Thika, Kenya in June 2007. The people and especially the children from Kenya stole my heart and I never stopped thinking about and working for them.
Shade house/Kenya has become my second home.

Mr. John Mbugua Mbore - Member

I am John Mbugua Mbore, aged 34, married with two kids. Currently working as an accountant for a Coca Cola distributor in Thika, Kenya. I have been volunteering for several charitable institutions involved with children affairs, one of them is Shade Children Foundation. 

My drive is the passion to help the less fortunate to access the basic needs in life and to assist where I can.

  Mr. Gordon Cross, member

My name is Gordon Cross, I am a single man aged 51 from Schotland. After working for 30 years as a 'servant's'  for a multi-national insurance company I decided to leave my job. Visiting an orphanage in Uganda on 'unpaid leave'in 2015 gave me an insight into more worthhile causes. I have been volunteering in Kenya since October 2016. As a board member of Shade Children Foundation I provide assitance in any areas I can, both within SCF itself and other community based projects and local schools.