SCF Nederland

The Stichting Shade Children Foundation Nederland was founded October 22, 2013. The Dutch foundation fundraises for the children's home of SCF in Kenya and advises the Kenyan board on all kind of issues.

Below we'll introduce the Dutch board members. Next to that we use this page to keep you informed about our Policy Plans and Yearly reports. We just added the Secretarial and Financial Report 2015 for your information. Just send us a request and we'll mail you a copy.

The board of the Stichting Shade Children Foundation Nederland

Mr. Christiaan Kooijman - Chairman

Hi, my name is Christiaan Kooijman. I live in Klundert, Brabant. I am first years student Mechanical Engineering at Avans University of Applied Science, Breda. Most of my free time I spend at technique, photography and nature and I love to spend most of my time outside. I have been involved with Shade from the beginning. During my early childhood me and my brother already organized actions to fundraise money for the children in Kenya. We gathered Christmas trees, baked biscuits and pancakes, sold plants and gathered empty plastic bottles for money. Lately we've been baking and selling so called egg biscuits. I joined the board of SCF NL in March 2016 and I like it very much. I see it as a challenge to gain more sponsors and arrange whatever needed for the children in Shade.

Mrs. Dina van Doesburg-van't Hoog – Treasurer

I'm Dina van Doesburg, married with Bas and we have two grown up children. The last years I've been working as a Manager and as a Human Resource Advisor at Rabobank in the Netherlands. In June 2012 I graduated and got the bachelor degree in Applied Psychology. I was a volunteer in Thika, Kenya in June 2007. The people and especially the children from Kenya stole my heart and I never stopped thinking about and working for them.
Shade house/Kenya has become my second home.

Ms Renate de Winter - Secretary

Hi everyone! My name is Renate de Winter, I’m 32 years old and live in Amsterdam. In daily life I work as a flight attendant. 
In 2005 I decided to go to Kenya to volunteer in a children’s home in Thika, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I fell in love with the country, the people and especially the children. In the past years I’ve visited Thika many times and it became my second home. I feel honored to be part of Shade family and the Dutch board. For me, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing these children smile.

Mr. Bas van Doesburg - Member

I'm Bas van Doesburg and I'm a contractor by profession.
After my wife Dina went to Kenya as a volunteer and later on as a board member several times, I joined her in august 2012. The children and people of Kenya stole my heart from the moment I arrived and although I already was involved before, I became even more enthusiastic and active in fundraising and I joined the board of the SCF NL in 2013. I hope I can contribute to the wellbeing of Shade Children and give them a chance in life. 

Ms. Marijke van Santen - Member

Jambo! My name is Marijke, I am the newest addition to this board and joined Shade Children Foundation in july 2017.  I have heard stories about Shade since the start of it in 2010. After a few years i decided to visiti Shade House and the project myself. I stayed in Shade House for a month in July 2015. During this month i had the privilege to get to know the children in person. I've always tried to support and contribute to the existentce of Shade. It makes me happy to see a child that had a rough start in life become the better version of themselves because of support they recieve through our efforts. Their happiness makes it all worth it.

Below you will find the download links to our financial & yearreports. If you have any questions, feel free to email us or send us a message.