Welcome at the website of the NGO Shade Children Foundation Kenya (SCF Kenya) and the Stichting Shade Children Foundation Nederland (SCF NL).

We try to keep it updated, but with 24 children to care for our priority is not always on this website. If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to contact us or visit our  'Facebookpage'. We are also on Instagram. 

SCF Kenya was founded in 2010 by Naftali W. Kaguongo. Our current board members Teresa Muchiri and Dina van Doesburg joined him from the start. The Kenyan boardmembers have a lot of experience working for a NGO and/or with children and needy people.

Although we are convinced that more should be done to prevent that children like Jane and Precious have to live in homes like Shade, we also know that for these children it will take too much time before problems in their environment will be solved.

In the mean time Shade wants to give these needy children a safe place to grow up and to develop themselves. Give them a shelter, a shade. Give them protection, education, food and clothes, medical care and last but not least a loving and caring Shade family around them. 
Next to that we also try to bring some light in the lives of the less fortunate children and elderly people living in the community of the slums, by supporting them, by giving them access to education, healthcare or the first needs in life.

The whole Shade family greets you from Shade House, Thika, Kenya and wishes you a nice day! (Foto november 2011)